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 2008 Spring production 

 Noises Off 

Past shows


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Lloyd Dallas

Colin Salt

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Gary Lejeune

James Clarke

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Frederick Fellows

Tom Young

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Poppy Norton-Taylor

Tracy Tomlin

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Timothy Allgood

Jim Webber

image (3).jpg

Dotty Ottley

Ronnie McKie

image (18).jpg

Brooke Ashton

Jo Tinling

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Belinda Blair

Caroline Rees

image (12).jpg

Selsdon Mowbray

Ralph Dinnick


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Jenni Coupe

Set Construction

Tom Dorman

Wes Mawford

Mac McAllister

Aimee Reed

Elinor Rees

Randy Vince

Taff Wollaston

Cast & Crew

Bar Services

Chris Compton

Dawn Moreland

Tony Pallet


Jennie Collins

Poster Design

Nigel Morris

Tech Advisor

John Frewer

Stage Crew

Alex Richards

Mark Collins

Rosie McCarthy

Rachel McDonnell

Lighting & Sound

Freddy Mounsey

Light Design

Jim Webber


Kathryn Harrison

Stage Manager

Steve Frewer

Set Design

Gareth Rees

Steve Frewer

Website & Advertising

Chris Compton

Bethany Collins

Jennie Collins

Mark Collins

Christine Gallacher

Bradley Page

Perry Page


Sue Williams

Ticket Sales

Chris Notley

Mark Collins


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