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  2010 Spring production 

 Habeus Corpus 

Past shows


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Arthur Wicksteed

Colin Salt

image (76).jpg

Connie Wicksteed

Tracy Tomlin

image (7).jpg

Cannon Throbbing

Randy Vince

image (71).jpg

Lady Deliah Rumpers

Kathryn Salt

image (2).jpg

Mr Shanks

Jim Wringe

image (54).jpg

Mr Purdue

Martyn Webb

image (60).jpg

Muriel Wicksteed

Janice Steedman

image (22).jpg

Dennis Wicksteed

Dean Safhill

image (45).jpg

Sir Percy Shorter

Raplh Dinnick

image (16).jpg

Felicity Rumpers

Caz Rees

image (4).jpg

Mrs Swabb

Sue Green


Join Us


Jenni Coupe

Set Construction and painting

Steve Frewer

Gareth Rees

Mark Collins

Eleanor Rees

Julie Safhilk

Jenni Coupe

Adam Thomas


Bar Services

Paul Green

Dawn Moreland

Make-up and wigs

Jennie Collins

Chris Page


Julie Safhill

Production Team

Angela Armour

Adam Thomas

Jenni Coupe

Set artwork

Colin Salt

Janice Steedman

Lighting & Sound

Dave Berry


Sue Williams

Ticket Sales

Katie Mills

Andela Armour

Stage Manager

Gareth Rees

Set Design

Gareth Rees

Steve Frewer

Ralph Dinnick

Website & Advertising

Adam Thomas

Colin Salt

Jennie Collins

Chris Page

Ashely Owen

Mark Douglas


Kathryn Harrison

Rosie McCarthy

Robbie Robertson


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